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Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence – EU’s Conscious Move Towards a Responsible Business Model

Last year, the European Commission committed to legislating a mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence (HREDD). Is the EU stepping up its efforts against human rights violations by businesses? This panel will look at the impact of growing HREDDs in Europe on minimising corporate human rights violations in India. Induja M.J talks with Dr Amir Ullah Khan, Dithhi Bhattacharya, Marie-Sophie Keller and Johannes Blankenbach

May 6 (Thursday), 10.30 – 12.00 CET / 14.00 – 15.30 IST

Converging Points of Business, Trade and Human Rights

Recently, the EU committed to incorporating human rights standards into its trade policies. This panel considers human rights issues arising in Indian supply chains, how these affect or implicate European and foreign investors, and how the EU and India can address such human rights concerns in any future trade agreements. Dr. Maha Rafi Atal discusses with Dr. Nina Reiners, Dr. Vivek Soundararajan, Dr. Amrita Saha, Prof. Sangeeta Khorana, Dr. Daniel Sharma and Dr. Debashis Chakraborty

May 7 (Friday), 13.00-14.00 CET / 16.30-17.30 IST

Making Labour Issues Visible – Let’s Talk about Trade Unions!

How do trade unions make themselves visible in politics? What structural obstacles exist to guaranteeing social and labour protection? In this panel, Alena Kahle talks with trade unionists Kamayani Swami, Nodeep Kaur and Gautam Mody.

May 7 (Friday), 14.00-15.30 CET / 17.30-19.00 IST